Appointment scheduling made easy with your practice management software

Gensolve Practice Manager makes managing your appointments an easy part of your work day. With an intuitive appointment book layout and the ease of the new online bookings portal available, you get complete transparency in the appointments booked for each clinician. The Gensolve Practice Manager appointment book allows you to easily set up and identify clinician availability, blocking out time for leave or meetings. And if you run more than one practice, it's made even easier with multi-site configuration. This function allows you to extend a clinician's availability over multiple sites, and easily consolidates their appointment reports for them. So instead of drawing one clinician's reports for two separate sites and trying to match them up manually, this configuration allows you to draw one lot of data for the clinician and view all the information you need in one place. The appointment book also allows you to have visibility over your patient waiting times and cancellation



Why run your business with one eye closed?

At Gensolve, we're always looking for ways to help you run a better practice. That's why we love our KPI Reports so much. With this key function, you have a practice management software that gives you a 360 degree view of your practice, with a comprehensive view on key performance indicators that cover your practice, your clinicians and your finances. Having measurable KPIs for your business is important for the productivity and success of the practice. Not only do KPIs encourage employee engagement, they also bring with them open communication lines regarding individual and team goals and progress. This all in turn helps you to benchmark your business against industry best practice. With Gensolve Practice Manager's KPI Reporting function, you will be able to: View and manage clinic no-shows at both a clinician and practice level View class attendance levels by individual class or program Have control over your inventory, including sales, costings and stock



How Smart Forms feature will customise your practice management software

Gensolve Practice Manager's latest release includes a significant function that will give your clinic even more ability to run exactly how you want it to. Instead of continually being forced to change the way you run your business, this new feature within the practice management software gives you the power to streamline your forms and processes in a way that works for each practitioner in your clinic. Gensolve Smart Forms enables you to: Design your own objective and subjective forms to cater for your own unique needs Work seamlessly between Gensolve standard forms and your specific smart forms Create forms for a specific injury or rehabilitation type Run reports specific to your smart forms Create forms that work across multiple modalities - perfect for multi-disciplinary clinics Create assessment forms that are specific to a particular clinician Have as many form variations as your practice requires Control your reporting output. The best thing is how



Top 10: Best things about running your practice with cloud-based practice management software

Paperless is better There is substantial evidence highlighting the benefits of a paperless practice that are run through cloud-based practice management software applications. As highlighted in a previous post, there are significant cost savings to benefit from having a paperless practice, as well as the knowledge that documents are safer and much less vulnerable than paper files. There is also the added capacity of improved customer service due to the ease of locating consistently up-to-date patient records when you need to. Access anywhere Enjoy the benefits of a locally installed application without the necessity or cost of maintaining your own servers, database backups, application installations, or upgrades. Your date is hosted securely and reliably in the cloud, which means all you need in order to access your software is a computer or tablet and internet connection. Up-to-date patient records Following on from that last point, with a cloud-based practice management



Top 5 reasons Allied Health Practices should be paperless

Just five years ago, the idea of a paperless office seemed like a new phase that, while being an environmentally friendly concept, would just come and go as most new fads do. Fast forward to now and it's clear a paperless office is a 'fad' that didn't just pass, and with good reason! Many Allied Health practices are taking the step into running their practice on a cloud-based practice management solution, completely without the need for paper. While this may seem like a big step to take, and a daunting one at that, those who have taken the plunge rarely look back and wish for the old paper-based days. For those who have yet to switch over and are particularly finding their paper-based system cluttered and costly, we've put together five of the biggest benefits in switching to a paperless practice to help with the decision. Cost Savings The act of switching to a paperless practice brings with it significant savings on costs as processes are more streamlined, and equipment and

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