Gensolve practice manager: secure, cloud-based, serverless.

The Gensolve Cloud

Cloud-based software solutions are the contemporary backbone to any business. Gone are the days of bulky servers. Modern requirements call for modern solutions. Cost savings, mobility and accessibility are a few of the many benefits to cloud-based software all of which are priority offerings from Gensolve to healthcare professionals in New Zealand.

Gensolve pioneered cloud-based practice management software at inception in 2003 in New Zealand. We have been successfully expanding this concept ever since throughout Australia and the United Kingdom too, adopting security best practice and features relevant to each market along the way.

Gensolve protects our cloud servers with the highest level of security


Gensolve prioritises the protection of your patient and practice management data above all else. Our cloud solution uses a multi-tier security model that ensures all data is encrypted, compressed and stored in a manner that passes the most stringent security audits.

Gensolve helps you save time and money by improving efficiency

Save money and time

Traditional practice management software has always been complicated and expensive to manage. It usually requires extra hardware and specialist staff or providers to configure, test and update. Gensolve Practice Manager runs in the cloud meaning your practice will run more efficiently at a lower cost, forever.​

Gensolve's cloud technology is reliable and secure


Gensolve Practice Manager has been design to work even when you're not at your desk. If you work in the community you can continue to manage your client and bookings. Our cloud solution will ensure your data is updated live no matter where you are operating from so you don't lose any productivity.

Gensolve has a team of service members ready to help you

Integrated support

You can reach out to our support staff straight from your Gensolve, ensuring you hear from real people in real time to solve any issues you might have. All of your questions are recorded and managed in the cloud so we never lose site of when we have helped you before.​

Gensolve is the only system you need as the foundation for your clinic

Single system for all clinics

Gensolve's cloud solution means all of your clinics and practitioners are connected, meaning no more polling of data and no more corruption and uncertainty. You have a single source of information, accounts and reports so you can be up to date from anywhere.

Gensolve's suite of features give you all you need, for all your clinicians

Everything you could need

Gensolve doesn't compromise on features. Our cloud software provides the full suite you expect from your practice manager including clinical notes and exam charts, online booking portals, custom forms and more.

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