Gensolve Practice Manager and UserVoice

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UserVoice is being retired, but your ideas are not. Thank you for your years of invaluable recommendations and support.

Over the years Gensolve has utilised UserVoice to collect feedback and product direction from our customers and the guidance we’ve received on the platform has inspired a great number of features and updates to the Gensolve Practice Manager product. To shortlist a few of the more recent features that have come directly from customer requests you might recognise Telehealth, Online Payment and Automate Invoicing.

In the background however, the last few years of customer influence have steered our development priorities towards a suite of new products rather than improvements to our flagship practice manager. As we draw closer to bringing you the results of our hard work: a new Browser based practice management software and a new and improved Booking Portal we must also consider the future of our flagship Windows practice manager.

We want to be totally transparent: We don’t have any plans or timelines to retire the Windows product you know and love. The Gensolve you use every day will remain available to you indefinitely, at this stage. The new, contemporary interface is not available yet (don’t worry you’re not missing out) but we are getting close enough to prepare our operations and support (we are planning to showcase some of the great work already completed soon!).

When the new Gensolve Practice Manager becomes available, we must also redirect the bulk of our resource to development of the Browser product in place of the Windows product. This also means that the UserVoice environment is no longer required for the Windows product as we won’t be developing new features in Windows once we release the Browser version.

Your recommendations and direction are not being discarded. All of the existing ideas and votes are being retained and considered in our roadmap. Development on the Windows product will not stop immediately, but in the future when we have a new and improved product to offer you.

Moving forward we won’t be offering UserVoice as a platform for feedback, however we are investigating the best way to take your feature suggestions alongside our new products. Please reach out to us at with any further questions or concerns about the future of UserVoice or your Gensolve environment.

Thank you for your ongoing and passionate support for the Gensolve team and products. We are thrilled to be bringing you new and exciting software and value your insight above all else.

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