Gensolve Audio Enterprise Manager 7.13 Release – New Zealand

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New to Audio Enterprise Manager for New Zealand in version 7.13: Major updates to enable customisation and control of your clinical notes, efficiency improvements for Trials, Quick Appointments and Client Subscriptions and more.
You can check out the full release notes here.

The release will occur for New Zealand on the evening of Friday, 15th December 2023. Please note your Gensolve may have disruptions from 9:30pm while we apply necessary updates.

Clinical Notes, your way.
Major updates to enable customisation and control.

Transform your consultations, with AEM’s new Custom Forms for Clinical Notes.

Custom Forms are now available for Clinical Notes in Audio Enterprise Manager, which means you can make and modify your own assessments to suit your methods, procedures and outcomes. Utilise a long list of custom fields such as text fields, multiple-choice questions, date fields, system fields from the client details and more for better care and more efficiency for your practitioners.

Find out more in our full Release Notes.

Double check your work now with Supervisor Sign-Off for your Clinical Notes.

Your Practice Supervisors, Training Leaders, Audiology Specialists and other key staff can now review and approve Clinical Notes submitted by other practitioners. Your clinician administration settings have the option to require sign-off and authorisation for notes made by a specific clinician. Your reviewed items also include a display of the approving supervisor, date and time of approval.

Has a client attended a demo? Note it on their appointment clinical notes.

Gensolve now allows you to specify if you have provided a demo to a specific client on their clinical notes, in the form of a Yes, No or Not Applicable selection.

Efficiency improvements for Trials, Quick Appointments and Client Subscriptions.

Track your Trials, with new Product Approvals.

Approving tracking on trials is now available and when enabled (see image below), you can specify if specific products will require approval when they are added to a Trial. You choose which users have access to be able to set a trial as approved and we’ve introduced a new report to provide the visibility of approved trials, and trials needing approval.

Read more here.

Quick Appointments, now even quicker.

You can now adopt the values from your Quick Appointments automatically when converting to a Normal Appointment. The Quick Appointments now have a selection for saving the client’s email address and this will carry the quick appointment data through to the normal appointment and the newly created client forms.

Greater transparency on Client Subscription Payments.

Your Front Office settings now include the option to bulk import Excel spreadsheets for Client Payments, so you can create payments against unpaid Subscription Invoices. If you need a template, the “Example Excel File” gives you an Excel spreadsheet format that you can use to put your payments into, and then import into your Gensolve.

A shortlist of API Updates.

Admin Types

Endpoint updated for Admin Types, including the ability to search by updated date.

Payments endpoint

A new endpoint was created for business payments.

Get Providers Schedule

You can now get the Providers Schedule times.

Client Appointment endpoint

You can now get the Client Appointment endpoint filtered by Updated by id.

Debtors and Debtor Groups endpoints

New endpoints have been added to look up Debtors and Debtor Groups.

Client Search by Phone

New endpoints have been added to look up Clients by phone number.

More features and fixes.

Although this article lists some of the key new features, there are still many more important improvements and update you may be interested in.

Here are the full release notes again for more information on Gensolve Audio Enterprise Manager 7.13.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or submit a ticket.

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