Top 10: Best things about running your practice with cloud-based practice management software

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Gensolve is a cloud based practice manager

Paperless is better

There is substantial evidence highlighting the benefits of a paperless practice that are run through cloud-based practice management software applications. As highlighted in a previous post, there are significant cost savings to benefit from having a paperless practice, as well as the knowledge that documents are safer and much less vulnerable than paper files. There is also the added capacity of improved customer service due to the ease of locating consistently up-to-date patient records when you need to.

Access anywhere

Enjoy the benefits of a locally installed application without the necessity or cost of maintaining your own servers, database backups, application installations, or upgrades. Your date is hosted securely and reliably in the cloud, which means all you need in order to access your software is a computer or tablet and internet connection.

Up-to-date patient records

Following on from that last point, with a cloud-based practice management software you can be assured your patient records are always up-to-date in real time thanks to the efficient nature of how information is recorded and stored. Secure and accessible only by login, being electronic, any notes made or edited are tracked with state of the art audit trails, and easily found by those who require it.

Appointment book

Similarly, the appointment book makes it easy to efficiently manage clinician hours and appointment times. With multi-site configuration, this is particularly useful for those practices that extend beyond one single location. With the appointment book, you can utilise the in-built task manager and also track patient status as they arrive until they leave, or even make a note of no-shows. The appointment book is set to become even more intuitive with the impending online booking portal release, an opt-in service that allows patients to book their own appointments via your website, effectively decreasing the administration workload on practice managers.

Understand your financials

Enable your business to more easily manage its financial data and flow with an effective financial software function within the practice management application. Having an integrated accounting package into your cloud-based practice management software not only means your data is secure, regardless of whether your computer is lost or stolen, but also adds even more comprehensiveness to your practice than before.

Ease of billing

With a cloud-based practice management software, there is no need to fear losing your ability to correctly bill patients to ACC (New Zealand) or HICAPS (Australia). In fact, practices are even more easily able to manage private and insurance billing for patients with an adequate practice management software in place.

Comprehensive reporting

View all aspects of the business in real time with access to detailed financial and statistical reporting. You can draw extensive reports relating to clinical, quality assurance, accounting, and business aspects of the practice, all designed to give you a comprehensive and detailed insight into how your practice is running.

One-stop-shop for stock management

Experience a practice management one-stop-shop where you can manage your practice stock levels, setting up automatic re-orders based on a pre-set level or, at the very least, more easily keep track manually. This functionality will save you and your staff time that can be spent more usefully elsewhere.

Effectively market

Easily identify specific groups within your client database, allowing for more targeted marketing of your practice. This will make it easier to send out more targeted specials, birthday or seasonal greetings, as well as keep in contact with clients between visits.

Great support

Have access to the support and resources you need to properly use the Gensolve cloud-based practice management software to its fullest capacity. With online resources and a dedicated support team, you’ll have everything you need to make the most of the application to the benefit of your practice.

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