Cloud-based technology seems to be taking over the world one mega-company at a time, with Google joining Microsoft, IBM and Amazon in the cloud computing battle.

And it’s no surprise really, when there are so many benefits to cloud computing. Things like a reduction in capital costs, an immediately globalised workforce for staff anywhere with an internet connection, streamlined processes, and improved accessibility all count as a one big plus for businesses.

The ‘virtual office’ aspect is key when wanting to connect to your business anywhere at any time of your choosing. This can be a huge benefit when you’re trying to expand your business but can’t be everywhere at once. Many business owners have praised their cloud-based system, attributing increased efficiency in collaboration and reduced IT costs to the use of the cloud.

It is for these reasons that Gensolve Practice Manager works for businesses. Developed as a cloud-based practice management software, Gensolve Practice Manager offers users a complete end-to-end business solution for Allied Health Professionals.

The use of the cloud-based system allows for owners to access important business and patient information from wherever they choose to. This is as well as dramatically cutting costs for the business with no need for a server or additional IT staff when full support is provided by the dedicated Gensolve team. These things are among the most frequently brought up in feedback we receive from Gensolve Practice Manager users.

So how hard is it to switch over to a cloud-based system? By leading Gensolve Practice Manager users through the process, we’ve found it’s often much easier than most business owners may think. Gensolve has been designed with the end user in mind, so the team are dedicated from the beginning to provide optimal support and service, further lessening the potential impact the transition will have on your staff and clients.

With the likes of Google, Microsoft and other technology-leading companies picking up on the use of cloud-based systems, we’re willing to bet it’ll be more than just the next big ‘trend’. If you’d like to find out more and trial Gensolve for yourself, email the team at