Gensolve Online Billing

As an extension of our Telehealth development, Gensolve has introduced two online billing integrations to ensure our customers can seamlessly continue providing their services remotely, without having to find work around solutions to collecting fees. We have introduced: Stripe PXPay with Windcave Both of these integrations will enable you to send your customers to a payment portal where they can view outstanding payments and history. This enables you to complete a Telehealth session and ensure you can be paid immediately as if you were offering the same service in house. To use either integration you will need to create an account with the provider to enable your payment gateway for your customers to use. Here is some further information on how to set up Stripe for your Gensolve. More information on how to set up Windcave for Gensolve is coming soon. To further establish Gensolve’s online billing integration we have developed the Completed



COVID-19 Key Features

Gensolve's new Telehealth solution will be released tomorrow, 03/04/2020. More information to come with the release.As well as Gensolve Telehealth we know there are a number of features and functions in Gensolve that can help our customers to navigate new processes and methods of communication. Here are some key tips to continue using your Gensolve to your benefit. Billing using Telehealth Codes Gensolve is working hard to enable Telehealth options as quickly as possible for our customers, including being able to bill using Telehealth codes. Now you can simply choose the appropriate billing location ("In Clinic" or "Telehealth") on the Appointment details, select on the 'Location' drop down menu and then bill to ACC (New Zealand) or Medicare (Australia) as you normally would. We have taken care of the new billing codes and rates for you. If you are an Australian customer, you will need to set up new Service Charges with the newest Medicare codes we have added for

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