Have you been taking advantage of Gensolve’s online booking capability yet?

You can run the online booking function through your practice website to make it even easier for your patients to make their appointments and book their classes. This links straight to your appointment book in Gensolve’s practice management software, where you can easily set up and allocate clinician availability, with time blocked out where needed for leave or meetings. The appointment book function also has multi-site configuration, allowing a clinician’s availability to extend over multiple sites where needed and still allows for a consolidated appointment report rather than one per clinic. Making life even easier and more efficient for your practice staff and clinicians.

By allowing your patients to book their appointments online, you staff will be able to spend less time on the phone taking appointments and give them more time to focus on in-clinic tasks at hand. Not only that, your patients benefit by having 24/7 access to appointment booking through your website, with clear visibility on available times, classes and clinicians. This booking process makes it even easier for patients to come back time and time again when needed. And because Gensolve’s practice management software is cloud-based, the online bookings portal is updated in real time, helping you to avoid confusion and those inconvenient double ups.

The appointment information is also linked back to patient files, with data on arrival and wait times, as well as cancellation rates and no-shows. This helps you to keep your practice management in check with real data, in real time.

Available for practices in Australia and New Zealand, the online bookings function for Gensolve is opt-in and easy to set up from there. Simply contact our dedicated team today to find out how to make your appointment scheduling and management even easier with Gensolve practice manager.