Gensolve Practice Manager’s latest release includes a significant function that will give your clinic even more ability to run exactly how you want it to.

Instead of continually being forced to change the way you run your business, this new feature within the practice management software gives you the power to streamline your forms and processes in a way that works for each practitioner in your clinic.

Gensolve Smart Forms enables you to:

  • Design your own objective and subjective forms to cater for your own unique needs
  • Work seamlessly between Gensolve standard forms and your specific smart forms
  • Create forms for a specific injury or rehabilitation type
  • Run reports specific to your smart forms
  • Create forms that work across multiple modalities – perfect for multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Create assessment forms that are specific to a particular clinician
  • Have as many form variations as your practice requires
  • Control your reporting output.

The best thing is how easy it is to set up your Smart Forms, with no limit on how many different versions you create. With a quick demo, you and your clinicians will be setting up customised forms with ease!

To find out more about how Gensolve can help you run a better practice your way, contact us today on 1800 436 765.