A lot of clinicians put off upgrading their practice management system stating that it’s ‘not the right time’ to changeover and implement. This theory may be true in some circumstances, but it also begs the question of when exactly the right time is.

If you’ve been considering implementing a new practice management software, whether it’s your first or you’re transferring from another, many clinics find the start of the financial New Year to be an ideal time. A changeover on or before 1 July (for practices in Australia) or 1 April (for practices in New Zealand) would mean a consolidation of your financial records at the most ideal point of time to make a clean break between what was and what is.

So for accounting purposes when preparing your Business Activity Statements or end of financial year tax lodgements next time around, you are able to look at one clean system instead. This will save you time otherwise spent marrying up the old data with the new, and rectifying potential inconsistencies that occur from drawing the data needed from two different sources. Changing to a practice management software system at the right time is better for functionality and uniformity of your books, saving you costs on time spent by staff matching up data and remedying any differences that crop up.

One major benefit of using Gensolve Practice Manager is having a one-stop-shop for your clinic’s operational tasks and financial reporting needs. This complete business tool has the capability of halving your accounting and bookkeeping fees, a significant factor to consider when setting your business financial goals and budget in the lead up to the new financial year. Practice management software such as Gensolve Practice Manager is a business tool investment that allows you to carry out the back office functions of your business with ease and increased functionality. This leaves you to focus more of your time on the parts that you enjoy the most.

If you’re wanting to find out more about Gensolve Practice Manager to implement it by the new financial year, now is the time to act. Contact the team at Gensolve on 1800 436 765 for more information and a free demonstration.