GPM's Online Bookings

GPM’s Online Bookings allows you to easily connect with your clients by providing them with the convenience of online bookings while freeing up your team to focus on serving and treating your in-clinic customers.

Gensolve’s online bookings feature will significantly improve your customer satisfaction and makes managing your appointments much easier, whether it be for one clinic or many.

Gensolve Online Bookings:

  • Easily links with your website or Facebook page
  • Allows your clients to book directly from their mobile, tablet or PC
  • Gives you complete control over which appointments are available
  • Lets you schedule which clinicians are available at which time
  • Will reduce booking no-shows as every patient receives a reminder SMS
  • Helps eliminate double bookings
  • Integrates with Google Maps
  • Includes clinician profile and photo
  • Alerts you to new bookings, appointment changes and cancellations
  • Frees up your team to focus on serving clients
  • Is easy to sign on and easier to set up.
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