Gensolve Practice Management Software and Medicare Online are a fully integrated time saving pairing for all Gensolve customers. Developed by Gensolve for Medicare Online the fully certified integration enables completely free and simple Bulkbill, DVA and Patient Claims. All claims are processed without any third-party requirements or charges, or any extra charges at all for that matter.

Gensolve and Medicare Online

Our primary goal in bringing Medicare Online to our Customers is to offer our customers the most complete Practice Management Software possible, so we DON’T want you to have to

– pay a subscription
– spend the time setting up a third-party integration required for a critical feature such as Medicare integration

Your Medicare Online claims are all free in your Gensolve App, simply complete a Medicare form allocating the Gensolve Location ID to your business Online Claiming and your setup is complete.

Free claims can represent significant savings each year based on the number of transactions and practitioners performing consultations. For example, a single clinician with 16 appointments per day, could save as much as $900.00 annually if they pay $0.22 per transaction just on processing fees. This doesn’t factor in administration time or additional costs.

Gensolve sends all your Bulk Bill and DVA claims to Medicare for you automatically when you complete an appointment. Each and every transaction with Medicare online is processed, completely free plus we have developed totally free and automated reconciliation as an added bonus.

Gensolve Practice Management Software Automatic Reconciliations process your daily takings for Medicare Online and DVA, products, KM’s and more without any administration required for data entry, third party integrations or additional cost – it’s all part of your Gensolve app and 100% included in your Gensolve plan.

Not only does Gensolve organise and simplify Bulkbill and DVA claims and reconciliation, it provides all your PRODA reports directly to your app, meaning your Processing Reports, Payment Reports, Claim Statement Reports and Claim Payment Reports are all readily available and updated in Gensolve for you.

“Medicare and DVA online claiming directly within the software has been Gensolve’s latest and greatest improvement. As a practice that does a lot of EPC patient’s (40+ per day) this is a massive advantage to have. As early testers of the Medicare/DVA processing update, we have had a flawless experience, which has saved us many hours over the old method of claiming through HICAPS, downloading statements through PRODA, creating takings manually and reconciling. Now the Gensolve software does it all for us with a simple click to claim, automatically reconciling and creating bank deposits.” Paul Fulwood, Fully Feet Podiatry.

We think we have all the Medicare Online features covered; however, we are always looking to grow our software in the right direction based on customer feedback, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any suggestions.

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