With Gensolve's Custom Forms feature, you no longer have to keep changing the way you run your business.

You now have the flexibility and control to treat your patients and run your business exactly how you want. Gensolve’s Custom Forms allow you to use the form templates that exist within the practice management application, create your own, or for a fee we can design and build them for you based on the needs of your practice and the clients you see.

Gensolve's Custom Forms enable you to:

  • Have your own objective and subjective forms designed to cater for your own unique needs
  • Work seamlessly between Gensolve standard forms and your specific custom forms
  • Have forms created for a specific injury or rehabilitation type
  • Run reports specific to your custom forms
  • Have forms created that work across multiple modalities – perfect for multi-disciplinary clinics
  • Use assessment forms that are specific to a particular clinician
  • Have as many form variations as your practice requires
  • Control your reporting output.
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