Gensolve’s new Telehealth solution will be released tomorrow, 03/04/2020. More information to come with the release.

As well as Gensolve Telehealth we know there are a number of features and functions in Gensolve that can help our customers to navigate new processes and methods of communication. Here are some key tips to continue using your Gensolve to your benefit.

Billing using Telehealth Codes

Gensolve is working hard to enable Telehealth options as quickly as possible for our customers, including being able to bill using Telehealth codes. Now you can simply choose the appropriate billing location (“In Clinic” or “Telehealth”) on the Appointment details, select on the ‘Location’ drop down menu and then bill to ACC (New Zealand) or Medicare (Australia) as you normally would. We have taken care of the new billing codes and rates for you. If you are an Australian customer, you will need to set up new Service Charges with the newest Medicare codes we have added for you.

Here is some further information for our New Zealand customers: ACC Website

Here is some further information for our Australian customers: MBS Website.

SMS Auto Scheduling

They’re still running, here’s how to set them up.

Gensolve SMS Auto Scheduling can be one of your best friends during regular periods of business and also through the COVID-19 service duration as it allows you to effortlessly remind your customers of their appointments whether physical or via Telehealth and online. Our SMS Auto Scheduling remains available to all of our customers.

Please check out this article to set them up if you haven’t already.

If you need to cancel Auto SMS for now.

Some clinics however may have critical changes to their services and could even close for a period, meaning automated SMS’s need to be postponed so as to not confuse customers with appointment reminders. We have introduced a new feature, available in the release 03/04/2020 that enables you to make SMS Auto Schedules inactive.

If you need to make a SMS Auto Schedule inactive, simply navigate to the ‘Administration’ panel and go to the ‘SMS Autoschedule’ section. From here you can use our new ‘Active?’ tick boxes to elect which schedules to leave running. Be sure to use the ‘Show Inactive’ tick box when returning to this screen to make them active again.

Reach out with Bulk Email & SMS

There are a number of ways for you to contact your customers in bulk to relay mass communication which is particularly useful in the current period of change caused by COVID-19.

Sending emails and SMS in bulk requires you to ‘Run a template merge’ based on the parameters of the customer you want to reach out to. For example, you might specify you want to contact customers in a certain post code, or of a specific age that may be more relevant to the virus information. You can also exclude certain groups and choose specific clinician’s customers, as well as other defining characteristics.

Here is a link to instructions on how to run a template merge, and also how you can use this template merge to mass SMS.

To send mass email instead, follow the same process to run a template merge, but instead of selecting ‘Send an SMS message for each row’ you should choose to ‘Create an empty email for all rows’. 

You can also utilise your Mailchimp Account if you have one with our Mailchimp Integration.

Here is some more information on Gensolve with Mailchimp.

Adding COVID-19 updates to your Web Booking Portal

Your Gensolve Web Booking Portal has a number of customisation options that allow you to update your customer facing appointments with COVID-19 information that is relevant to your clinic.

You might choose one or a combination of the below:

  • Clinician Settings to provide availability information during this period. For example, you might note in the booking portal ‘John Smith is working as per usual during COVID-19 restrictions’ or ‘John Smith has transitioned to Telehealth appointments only’, or ‘John Smith has reduced availability to three days each week during COVID-19.
  • Custom Text Settings allow you to update the default text that is shown in your Web Booking Portal. You might update these fields to display custom messages based on customer actions in your Web Booking Portal, for example you might update ‘Book a Session’ to ‘Book a Telehealth Session’, or ‘Find an available clinician’ may be more relevant as ‘Find a Telehealth Specialist’ if you are transitioning to remote services.

Email your consent forms

Your Gensolve has the ability to send out smart consent forms to your customers so they can complete and return the details required for your appointments without having to attend your clinic.

Here is a link to a couple of example templates that may be of use.

Uploading these items is easy, just download the files from the link above and import as a custom form.

Here are instructions to import as a custom form.

From there you simply ‘Create a New Form Entry’ from a client full history or appointment, select the correct form to use, click the ‘Share Link’ button and select the appropriate form template as needed. Once you send the email to your customer they can complete the form fields for you.