The Gensolve Cloud

You have more than likely heard a lot about ‘the cloud’, but do you fully understand what it’s all about and how it can benefit your practice?

Cloud-based software is rapidly changing the way we use computers and run our businesses, and for good reason. Cloud based computing is delivering significant benefits to all businesses by reducing costs, providing more mobility and improving customer experience.

Gensolve pioneered cloud-based practice management software when it first launched into the New Zealand Market in 2003. Since then, Gensolve has been leading the way in developing a practice management solution that exists to serve health professionals in Australia and New Zealand in running a better practice.

Below we look at the different aspects of the Gensolve cloud that benefit practices directly.


Our cloud solution has been designed to work even when you’re not connected to the web. This means that if you lose your internet connection, Gensolve still allows you to continue managing your customers and bookings, so you don’t lose any business productivity in the meantime.

Richer features

The Gensolve cloud allows you to have a full featured practice management system without sacrificing key features that you would have to with other cloud based practice management providers.

In the Gensolve Practice Management Software, you can easily create exam charts, use drag and drop functions and customise the system to suit your practice requirements.


Gensolve understands that the protection of your patient and practice management data is paramount. This is why our cloud solution uses a multi-tier security model that ensures all data is encrypted, compressed and stored in a manner that passes the most stringent security audits.

Less cost, less complexity

Traditional practice management software has always been complicated and expensive to manage.  It usually requires extra hardware and specialist staff or providers to configure, test and update. Because Gensolve Practice Manager runs in the cloud, your practice will be easier to run with much less cost. There’s no need for expensive network maintenance to continue working with Gensolve, so your costs are dramatically reduced from the get go and stay that way.

Fantastic Support

The Gensolve support team are always on hand when you need them. We offer access to real people, not scripted answers and endless FAQs. We also deliver custom training for your team through the implementation process. So your practice is ready, straight from day one.

Online bookings

Gensolve Practice Manager allows you to easily integrate an online booking facility with your existing website, where your patients are able to view practitioner availability, session times and book securely online. This frees up your staff and allows you more time to focus on the treatment of your patients.

Single system for all clinics

Imagine running several practices with no more polling of data between clinics, and no more data corruption and uncertainty. With Gensolve, you are provided with one source of patient information, accounts and reports, so you can be sure the data you have is always the most current, no matter where you’re accessing it from and giving you one version of the truth.

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