Gensolve Practice Manager makes managing your appointments an easy part of your work day. With an intuitive appointment book layout and the ease of the new online bookings portal available, you get complete transparency in the appointments booked for each clinician.

The Gensolve Practice Manager appointment book allows you to easily set up and identify clinician availability, blocking out time for leave or meetings. And if you run more than one practice, it’s made even easier with multi-site configuration. This function allows you to extend a clinician’s availability over multiple sites, and easily consolidates their appointment reports for them. So instead of drawing one clinician’s reports for two separate sites and trying to match them up manually, this configuration allows you to draw one lot of data for the clinician and view all the information you need in one place.

The appointment book also allows you to have visibility over your patient waiting times and cancellation rates. You can track a patient from the time they arrive in the clinic to the time they leave, as well as monitor no-shows and cancellations. This information is linked back to patient files and shared in real time across your practice. The appointment book enables SMS reminders to patients as well, further ensuring your now-measurable no-shows are decreased.

And that’s just on the functional side of running your practice. The online booking function that can be run through your practice website not only makes it easier for your patients to make their appointments or book their classes, it also lightens the workload on your practice staff. Instead of taking as many calls, the more patients who book online, the more time your staff will have to focus on in-clinic patients and tasks.

The opt-in online booking service gives your patients 24/7 access to appointment booking through your website and, like most other functions in the Gensolve practice management software application, is updated in real time. So not only is it an easy way to drive traffic to your website, it holds huge benefits for the precious time of your clients and valuable productivity of your team.

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