Gensolve 7.13 Release – Australia

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New to Gensolve for Australia in version 7.13: Major accounting improvements to save you time with bulk invoicing (BCTIs), your Clinicians can have their very own Letters and Uploads, VALD introduced as a new product partner with Gensolve, and more.

You can check out the full release notes here.

The release will occur for Australia on the evening of Friday, 22nd September 2023. Please note your Gensolve may have disruptions from 9:30pm while we apply necessary updates.

Buyer Created Tax Invoices (BCTI) can now be sent all at once.

Your BCTIs are now able to be sent out in bulk instead of being created and emailed individually, saving you a huge amount of time and effort. Also, if you have already sent a BCTI previously you will receive a notice to confirm if you want to send them again to avoid unnecessary duplication.
To send your BCTIs in bulk navigate to Money Out > Expenses. You can also find this feature in Money Out > Commission Batches. The Commission Batches screen will enable to you to email your BCTI’s in bulk and will also allow you to include your Commission Reports in the same communication.

Your Clinicians can have their own Letters and Uploads.

We added a tab within the Provider Details which houses Letters and Uploads against a clinician so that any specific or important items can be attributed to individual providers. This enables you more effectively distribute or reference operational templates and files and removes the need to navigate these items at a group level.

A new product partner was introduced to Gensolve.

We are pleased to confirm we have added a VALD integration to Gensolve in this update. This integration will simplify the pathway and reduce data duplication and entry time. For those using the VALD performance technology, you are able to connect directly to VALDHUB from Gensolve.

Now with VALD, at the click of a button, you can push clients from Gensolve, into VALDHUB. This integration supports the creation of new clients, as well as the updating of existing records, and will open VALD in the context of the Client you are working on.  This partnership enables Gensolve and VALD clients to more wholistically implement their clinical care plans and athlete growth and recovery with more efficiency.

To activate the VALD integration in Gensolve please reach out to VALD as you will need additional information or access ‘keys’ to activate your Gensolve connection.

performance technology, you are able to connect directly to those platforms from Gensolve.

More features and fixes.

Although this article lists some of the key new features, there are still many more updates.

Here are the full release notes again for more information on Gensolve 7.13.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or submit a ticket.

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