Gensolve 7.8 Release – Australia

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New to Gensolve for Australia in version 7.8: Letter template ‘Client Type’ fields fill for the booked 10th future appointment, make a Service Charge Usable for a specific debtor only, email confirmations for CC and BCC addresses, service charge price updater now displays tax exempt charges correctly and more. You can check out the full release notes here.

The release will occur for Australia on the evening of Friday, 10th September 2021. Please note your Gensolve may have disruptions from 9:30pm and evenings over the weekend while we apply necessary updates.

Letter template ‘Client Type’ fields now fill for the booked 10th future appointment

In the ‘Client’ letter template type, all appointment fields related to the 10th future booked appointment now populate data when that merge field is used.

You can make a Service Charge Usable for a specific debtor only

You can now make service charges available for billing specific debtors only.

Read more here.

New email confirmations for CC and BCC Service charge price updater displays Tax Exempt charges correctly

When emailing from Gensolve, the message “Are you sure you want to send this email to …” now also includes the cc, and bcc recipients in the message confirmation.

Service charge price updater now displays Tax Exempt charges correctly

When selecting to run the price update for a service charge, the price is now showing correctly for tax-exempted service charges.

Additional fixes

Fixed the issue where the ledger column was not updated with the ledger set on the Service Charge.

Fixed an issue where a jammed scanner or scanner error would cause a user’s instance of Gensolve to freeze.  You are now returned to the Upload file screen.

Although this article lists some of the key new features, there are still many more updates including but not limited to:

  • Event Templates no longer have an error when no offset is entered
  • A5 Statement Batches now show line details when Emailing
  • New Site Appointment Schedule Report
  • New Client Appointment Service Charge Detail Report
  • Custom Forms Filled Online Event Status
  • Custom Forms can be set as Completed when Saved. Read more here.

as well as further detail on the points above in the full release notes.

Here are the full release notes again for more information on Gensolve 7.8.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or submit a ticket.

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