Gensolve provides a comprehensive training programme tailored to each individual sites needs. Training is administered by experts not only in Gensolve Practice Manager, but business and Allied Health administration.

Our Trainers understand how difficult operational and software change can be to clinics and acknowledge that individuals learn differently. We also appreciate that staff have varying levels of computer skills and responsibilities within a practice.

Training sessions are broken into four main categories:

  1. General admin/reception
  2. Clinical staff
  3. Administration/management
  4. Financial

These categories are delivered via remote training. The training process starts in our Support Portal where clinicians and staff are able to access a number of different tools to help them on their Gensolve journey.

These training tools include:

  • Training videos specific to their area.
  • Videos designed to be part of the staff induction process.
  • Knowledge base (FAQ).
  • Help Documents.

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