Gensolve 7.0 for Australia is here and loaded full of exciting new features and fixes designed to save you time and administrative heartache. We think you’re going to love the quality of life updates to Gensolve we’ve implemented to enable you to pursue the proper growth activity you need for your practice.

The roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has brought about amazing opportunities for patients nation wide, however formatting the reports required to support NDIS are another time consuming task – so we made it easier.

Gensolve 7.0 enables NDIS compliant reports for export. Simply download your report directly from the Gensolve API and upload to NDIS, saving you time and effort at the end of the day, week or month. Enjoy your pina colada instead.

At Gensolve we are determined to be your biggest supporter and we know you’ve got a lot on your plate, that’s why we’ve introduced automatic reconciliation for Medicare and DVA online. 

Each and every day Gensolve automatically reconciles and creates daily takings for your services, products, KM’s and more without any of your time wasted on data entry or third party software (because we are the only friend you need). Also, if you didn’t know, we’ve integrated Gensolve with Medicare to ensure your unlimited transactions and automatic reconciliation are totally free – no big deal.

Plus we added additional Medicare and DVA merged field options to your letter templates to keep up with recent changes to DVA requirements. 

You are always on our mind. We love our customers and we live every day to discover new ways to give you more time to enable growth for your business so we added another feature to reduce the time required and waiting room burden of intake and consent forms.

Gensolve Smart Forms are email-able intake and consent forms that give your patient the opportunity to complete their details before arriving. Upon submission the patients details are populated straight into Gensolve and all they need to do is wait their turn. 

Here are some new features and updates for Gensolve Web:

  • You can now view and edit Medical Notes for Standard and SOTAP Exams, Exam Smart Forms and Clinical Notes by editing the client and using the ‘Clinical Notes’ tab.
  • You can now create exams using the Standard Exam, by selecting the ‘Create a New Exam’ condition when creating an appointment.
  • You can now copy previously entered medical notes, when creating new exams by selecting the ‘Create notes based on previous exam’ option when creating a new exam.

Those are the major updates we thought you should know about, but if you want to read about everything we have done in 7.0 then there is a button below which will take you to the full release notes with your login details.