An extensive financial software package

An extensive financial software package is an essential part of any core business application. A good financial software function will enable the business to more easily manage its financial data and flow.

Gensolve Practice Manager has integrated an industry leading accounting package into its software application, to further ensure this practice management software is a solution as comprehensive for your practice as it can be.

The Accounting application within Gensolve Practice Manager manages the flow of critical financial data. Our innovative software simplifies many parts of your business including accounting, payroll, retail POS, CRM, tax, and more. Run your business and access your accounts from wherever you need to; at work, home or on the go. You can also invite your bookkeeper or accountant to view your accounts and provide valuable real-time advice.

In addition to this, your data is completely secure in the Gensolve software application even if your computer is lost or stolen. This just adds to the reassurance you can rely on when using Gensolve practice management software.

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