Practice management software Online Booking Portal available soon

Gensolve Practice Manager's Online Booking Portal service is one step closer to becoming a reality. With intensive testing on the practice management software to occur during this month, the new service is set for release by June this year. This opt-in service is free to set up and designed to reduce the workload of your administration staff. The Online Booking Portal is linked from your practice website to give your patients 24/7 access to appointment booking. Your patients can access the Online Booking Portal via your website and book in for initial and standard appointments, as well as classes you may be running. The Online Booking Portal is run by Gensolve for you, which means you have full control over the online information you want displayed in the practice management software application. With a free set up, there is only a small per month, per practitioner charge to have access to the Online Booking Portal service. This is an easy way to drive traffic to your website



Get your practice ready for the financial new year with this practice management software

A lot of clinicians put off upgrading their practice management system stating that it’s ‘not the right time’ to changeover and implement. This theory may be true in some circumstances, but it also begs the question of when exactly the right time is. If you’ve been considering implementing a new practice management software, whether it’s your first or you’re transferring from another, many clinics find the start of the financial New Year to be an ideal time. A changeover on or before 1 July (for practices in Australia) or 1 April (for practices in New Zealand) would mean a consolidation of your financial records at the most ideal point of time to make a clean break between what was and what is. So for accounting purposes when preparing your Business Activity Statements or end of financial year tax lodgements next time around, you are able to look at one clean system instead. This will save you time otherwise spent marrying up the old data with the new, and rectifying



How to find the practice management software to suit your clinic

Practice Management Software systems have long been either the saving grace or cause of office misery for Allied Health practices. To ensure your experience with a practice management software turns out to be a positive one, it is important to choose one that best suits your specific wants and needs. If you’re unsure where to start, most Practice Managers find it’s best to begin searching online and comparing websites. You can do your research with little effort if you look for reviews based on each different practice management software for whatever country you’re operating in. Recommendations and third party word of mouth is also something not to look over lightly, as these usually come from people who have personally operated that particular software. When enquiring with each respective provider, don’t be afraid to state your practice’s specific needs. It’s helpful to prioritise these for yourself first, listing them under what’s absolutely necessary and what



The Benefits of Cloud-based Software

Cloud-based technology seems to be taking over the world one mega-company at a time, with Google joining Microsoft, IBM and Amazon in the cloud computing battle. And it’s no surprise really, when there are so many benefits to cloud computing. Things like a reduction in capital costs, an immediately globalised workforce for staff anywhere with an internet connection, streamlined processes, and improved accessibility all count as a one big plus for businesses. The ‘virtual office’ aspect is key when wanting to connect to your business anywhere at any time of your choosing. This can be a huge benefit when you’re trying to expand your business but can’t be everywhere at once. Many business owners have praised their cloud-based system, attributing increased efficiency in collaboration and reduced IT costs to the use of the cloud. It is for these reasons that Gensolve Practice Manager works for businesses. Developed as a cloud-based practice management software, Gensolve



Finding the practice management software to suit your business

The importance of smooth, comprehensive patient management is a widely accepted factor in the Allied Health space when it comes to the ability to provide great service to clients. Often this comes down to having the right practice management software in place to allow for efficient access to records and for flexibility to suit each individual practice. Gensolve Practice Manager allows for a client-centred approach to the Allied Health care provision. With this practice management software, the user can create electronic patient files that ensure all patient information is stored effectively in the one place. For those practices that need a single communication and patient management tool for effective practice management, this software is just the solution. Duncan Reid, Associate Dean of Health at Auckland University of Technology, says Gensolve Practice Manager is a real world product students are trained on that comes with valued, ongoing support from the Gensolve team. "We

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